A 2D platformer about the life David whose life ended miserably. Will he be able to go back and change his life?

Note: There are different endings.


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Interesting take on rewind. Reminded me of the Impossible Game on Apple Store where you restart every time you hit a spike. A bit too challenging for the start of the game so I never finished it. Like the aesthetic but I would definitely lower the difficulty and expand on the level more so anyone frustrated to play won't have to deal with the same platform over and over. 

It's harder than escape the evil toilet obby in roblox, and I like it


I like your idea, but honestly, I had problems finishing the game. The game is a bit too hard for my taste, but I am normally not in the platformer genre, so maybe the high difficulty is just not every man's coffee :)

Would be cool if you could check out my game and provide some feedback :)